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Floral Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Zen Paradise

Father’s Day is nearly upon us, so we must all reflect on the importance of the father figures in our lives and the impact they have had on us. From teaching us to tie our shoelaces to picking us up from our very first falls in life, we have so much to be thankful for, and 20th June is the day to express it.

When thinking of a gift to perfectly symbolise this, one may not immediately think of naturally enhanced roses. However, the wonderful thing about our creations is that each one holds its own bespoke meaning, personal to each sender and recipient. When considering the variants of roses to send to men, these the sentimental concept is vital, but so is the colour palette and structure. Trends show that men typically enjoy darker or more vibrant arrangements with lots of texture, avoiding the likes of pastel tones with softer patterns.

On our Father’s Day gift finder, you may find a range of dry rose displays that perfectly match this, as well as those that test the waters. Therefore, you can find something to suit every man who deserved appreciating next Sunday. Here are just a few of our favourites…

Little One

Vibrant and understated, this sweet piece from the Sentiments Collection captures the essence of a father and son bonding in nature. Featuring an impressionist sculpture of this relationship surrounded by Emerald and Harlequin Green eternal roses, this is an emotional fusion of art and nature. Encased in a suave dome, it can be by your father figure’s side for up to ten years.

My Girls

My Girls is the sister arrangement of Little One, with a softer palette symbolising the love of one’s two daughters. Bursting with delicate foliage such as pampas and gypsophila, as well as our signature Rose Pink buds, this darling alternative is more passionate, and is certain to capture the heart of any man this Father’s Day.

My Girls

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Midnight Opulence Modest Bunch

This blue and turquoise themed bunch is ideal for any man who appreciates rich colour tones. Taken from the Nature’s Symphony range, emotional connection is at the forefront of its intentions, and this particular variation is inspired by the gift of the midnight sky and all its wonders. Simply marvellous and a joy to look at, this preserved flower arrangement can be kept in pride of place for up to three years, outlasting any fresh alternative.

Zen Paradise Magnificent Palais

Zen Paradise is also a renowned member of Nature’s Symphony, and Magnificent Palais is our latest movement. The structure of this arrangement results in a natural piece of art, influenced by Ikebana, the Japanese floristry style that induces the floras’ inner qualities and emotions. Therefore, the innovation of this particular design holds far more feeling than any other. The minimalistic, paler tones seen here allows Zen Paradise to be more likely to complement a male’s interior design style.

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This Beauty and The Beast inspired arrangement is slightly more daring, but at its heart is family. A larger forever rose is above by two smaller buds, representing the father figure and two youngers, surrounded by golden gypsophila. While it may not be typical arrangement to send to a man, the family sentiment is very touching, and the loving message will reign above all else.

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