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The Beauty of British Flowers Week

Pretty in Pastel

From Monday 14th to Sunday 20th June, we are celebrating British Flowers Week. A wonderful and thoughtful campaign by New Convent Garden Market in London, we are championing flowers blossoming in Britain and the florists who create beautiful arrangements with them.

At Endura Roses, we pride ourselves in our masterful British craftmanship. Our preserved flower arrangements are truly like no other as we work with masterful Creative Imagineers and Floral Artists who design and execute flawless creations here in Manchester. Everything about our dried roses is perfect, from the poise of the petals to their colouring and embellishments. The colours found in each piece of nature are also from natural dyes to allow for extraordinary and unique palettes that are organically elevated rather than synthetically created. Therefore, even when enhanced to show their grand potential, they still hold the natural essence of roses which we adore. Staying fresh from three years to eternity thanks to our exclusive preservation process, we ensure every flower we produce will maintain its beauty for as long as possible.

To celebrate British Flower Week, everyone is asked to showcase British flowers in their windows for passers-by to enjoy. As we are the leading brand for lavish, naturally enhanced roses in the UK, it was only right we display a few of our favourite arrangements around Manchester for all to enjoy!

Anyone who has also visited The Trafford Centre, Manchester, Westfield, London or The Bullring, Birmingham will also see our divine British flower arrangements displayed in our stores!

Trafford Centre

Our favourite arrangements to show off are of course Rainbow Pride and Pretty In Pastel from the Nature’s Symphony collection, which you can see above, as well as other innovative creations such as Grandeur, the pure 24-carat gold rose, and the sophisticated palace of emotion that is Magnificent Palais. We believe Mother Nature has no limits; she simply allows us to be imaginative with her gifts.

Peruse over even more naturally enhanced flower arrangements here on our website and find a natural work of art that speaks to you.