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Loved in Europe, Born in Britain - Introducing Endura’s Pioneering Legacy to the U.S.

How Are Preserved Roses Made?

How it's made

Preserved (or naturally enhanced) roses are a concept that defies Mother Nature’s limits yet amplifies Her beauty. In this instalment of Behind The Bouquet, we let you into the secrets of how our preserved flower arrangements and eternal roses come to be…

What are preserved roses?

Endura Roses’ preservation process is completely unique. Our naturally enhanced roses and foliage, first of all, blossom at our global growing sites such as Ecuador and Africa, where the immaculate weather conditions and rich soils create the perfect environment for such wondrous, high quality buds to flourish.


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We introduce our chemical and toxin-free preservation process, which allows them to stay fresh from three years to a lifetime. As the water and sap evaporate due to the conditions, we replace this moisture with organic, top-secret formula that captures the floras in their prime. Due to its natural origins, they are completely safe and maintain a very natural aesthetic unlike other dried or artificial alternatives.

How to make them last longer

Once this process is complete and the roses and foliage are ready to be plucked, they are carefully observed and only the very best are selected by hand. This way, we are sure to only provide the most divine pieces of nature for you.

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Here in the UK, our Creative Imagineers and Floral Artists work together to create the brilliant arrangements you see on our website. There is no mass production here as one Artists works on one piece at a time from start to finish, carefully arranging it by hand. Every petal, leaf and stem are poised to perfection, ensuring that each display meets our impeccable standards and also have their own unique charm.


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