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Styling Nature’s Symphony: Eclectic

Do you need help finding the perfect piece of preserved nature to suit your interior design? Welcome to our latest blog series, Styling Nature’s Symphony, which will be your guide to all things aesthetic.

Eclectic styles are unparalleled in their creativity and uniqueness. As the word “eclectic” suggests, here the best elements of other design schemes are combined to create a multitonal aesthetic. Décor Aid states that eclectic themes are “all about harmony and the coming together of disparate styles, juxtaposing textures, and contrasting colours to create a cohesive, beautifully realized room. [It’s] all about experimentation and play.”

There is no rulebook when creating an eclectic interior, meaning you have the freedom to fill the room with as many patterns and textures as you please, picking at both vintage and contemporary pieces from a multitude of cultures. This style allows you to imprint every single one of your interests and influences upon your home without the constraints of unity or recognised flow. Be creative. Be eclectic!

The wonderful thing about our grand, emotion-filled range, Nature’s Symphony, is the variety one can find. The ten themes each have their own unique palette and here are just three of the most colourful and contrasting.

Eclectic Style Paul Raiside

Rainbow Pride

Rainbow Pride is so vibrant, it is the definition of freedom. Available in three variations (Bunch, Bouquet and Signature) and three categories (Petite, Modest or Immense/Magnificent Palais), find a form that suits your home best. Celebrate your true individuality with a wide-ranging colour palette that will courageously contrast any other patterns or textures in the room.

Bedrooms and living rooms are locations which allow the most freedom to make a statement. Our personal sanctuary and where we invite guests to sit, these two rooms are key in expressing oneself openly or personally. The multitonal rose buds burst with varying shades which can juxtapose and blend with greater surfaces such as sofas, bedding and wallpaper. Its vivacity will not allow it to blend though by any means. No matter what tones reside around it, Rainbow Pride will remain the most noticeable thing in the room.

Rainbow Pride Magnificent Palais

Nature’s Symphony Enchanted Forest

 Eclectic interiors should be adventurous, and nothing says adventure like an arrangement inspired by magical woodlands. Enchanted Forest is predominantly made up of opposing green, pink and purple shades in the form of grand roses, hydrangeas, lagurus, pampas, ferns and lavender. Also available in three types and sizes, the dominant shade can vary to different aesthetics and change its ideal placement in the room.

The living room would be the most recommended location for Enchanted Forest as the green tone breathes life and freshness into the surroundings, which is of course what this room is all about. This shade will not blend into the background though. Its vibrant stature will be noticeable against any other similar colours, while the pinks and purples will pop brilliantly. The unique palette seen within this arrangement opens you up to so many opportunities and will not limit choices in other furnishings.

Enchanted Forest Magnificent Palais

Gloriously Golden

Gloriously Golden elevates its surroundings like no other. This is a stylish and sophisticated theme, dripping with luxury and expense. The metallic tones contrast beautifully against the pure white highlights in every single variant – the only difference is the size and just how opulent it is! Due to how eye catching Gloriously Golden is, it has the power to stand out and be distinguishable against every other colour on the spectrum.

Such splendour should be displayed as a centrepiece. Rooms which feature large tables, such as dining rooms, living rooms and potentially even kitchens (providing the arrangements are kept away from heat and direct sunlight), would be ideal locations. If you obtain such a creation, it should be the first thing to catch your eye, even when surrounded by an array of designs. Although eclectic styles invite a mixture of tones, we recommend Gloriously Golden be the only metallic presence in the room so as not to diminish its brilliance. Furthermore, brighter tones would clash in a more appropriate manner, still creating a distinctive aesthetic albeit slightly more controlled. As long as the environment looks unique and truly astounding though, do as you please!

Gloriously Golden Magnificent Palais

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