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Explaining Master or Regional Franchising

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The future of franchising overseas lies in Master or Regional models. This route gives you the ability to reinvigorate your business, increase revenue streams, branch out globally without the huge cost of owning and operating your overseas outlets, and so much more. If you are a business owner in the UK with an innovative brand, this could be your next move.

What is a B2B and B2C income stream?

Income streams refer to the sources of revenue a business earns. A B2B (business-to-business) income stream is revenue earnt through sales made between businesses such as wholesalers, manufactures or third-party retailers. B2B (business-to-consumer), on the other hand, refers to sales made to customers directly. This reduces risk and stimulates sales.

Having both B2B and B2C income streams provide the following benefits:

 Having access to two separate markets, therefore your revenue can be far higher

  • During economic lows such as the pandemic or a recession, the use of two business streams can provide extra protection and stability, as well as reduce risk and exposure.
  • The two create a balanced model as one has a higher turnover but smaller gross profit, while the other has lower sales and a higher gross profit

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Endura Roses as a B2B and B2C franchisee

Preserved flowers are a multi-million dollar growing market and Endura Roses are a world leader in the supply of first class preserved flora to the highest standard from leading producers throughout the world. Now, Endura are becoming a B2B and B2C franchisee through adopting a Master or Regional franchise franchisee method through the introduction of Fora Nature. This is to stimulate them in future international development.

What is a Master or Regional franchise franchisee model?

A Master or Regional franchise franchisee is one where a person or company buys the rights to the brands in a country or territory. The franchisee can therefore choose to own and operate all of the stores in the entire country, or sub-franchise some to their own franchisees. This lessens the onus on self-funding all of the openings, whilst still offering a semi-passive income from sub-franchise stores whilst still committing to supporting sub-franchisees.

A Gold Standard franchise requires a flexible model to adapt to all potential development options

Endura Roses currently has six stores across the UK, including a flagship store in Manchester’s Trafford Centre. Their stores are situated in major cities to allow them to reach customers across the nation. However, the model is flexible as it has a strong online presence that has allowed them to thrive during lockdown and continue their world-class services. As they cater to a range of events, from weddings to anniversaries, as well as to corporate spaces, their products can appear in any location. This gives the company unlimited potential with customer and distribution opportunities.

Endura Roses 1

Endura Roses is an incredibly innovative brand as their USPs include:

  • The use of natural roses and foliage that have been preserved with a non-toxic formula that keeps them organic but thrive from 3 years to a lifetime depending on the product
  • All of their roses are sprayed with their own subtle fragrance that has been created to keep arrangements smelling beautiful and fresh for the duration of their lifetime
  • Offering couture services that allow customers to design their own bespoke arrangements
  • Unique arrangement designs that are so much for than just a standard bouquet – roses and other flowers can be found encased jars and frames of varying shapes or draped around unique structures to create dramatic floral displays

A modern franchise for aspirational buyers must display true innovation and genius

However, a clear USP which is true is so important in today’s franchise market. For Endura Roses, theirs in particular lies in their unique roses. Unlike other preserved florists, they offer more than just a standard dried bud. Their Classic, Limited and Diamond ranges allow customers to choose from traditional, vibrant, multicoloured or diamond-dusted petals, all made using natural dyes. By offering these bespoke designs, they are bringing more distinctive and appealing arrangements to the market.

Furthermore, Endura Roses is a rarity. In the luxury gift or home décor sectors there is no competition. Across the world, no other businesses are attempting anything this on a scale anywhere near as large or as varied. This gives them a unique advantage, which strongly conveys why an innovative and creative idea is key if one is to take their business through a Master or Regional franchise franchisee model.

If you think your business reaches the same standard and could thrive using this model, find the initiative to invest in its international development and maximise revenue today.