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With Feeling: The Mother’s Day Experience


Mother’s Day is a significant date, bursting with passion. We use this day to truly show how much we value the maternal figures in our lives, and make them feel as cherished as they deserve, so this can be emotional. Here’s just a couple of the feelings you may face and why…



Love is the strongest emotion of all. It fuels us in every way and takes over us. It’s unstoppable, complex and immeasurable. It’s something we all experience at some point in life as it can manifest itself in a number of ways through different relationships. Maternal love and vice versa is very distinctive as it’s a natural instinct we are born with and is unconditional. Other forms of love such as romantic and friendship may come and go, but the love one has for a devoted mother figure is everlasting.

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The strong females in your life will have done countless things for you throughout your time together. There will be everyday things which we trivially thank them for, but other larger commitments that we don’t even notice. Use this day to show gratitude towards the mother figures you have, whether it be an extravagant and timeless gift, a handmade card or simply breakfast in bed. This is your opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate every act of kindness they’ve shown you.

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At its core, Mother’s Day is ultimately a celebration and will bring great happiness for everyone taking part! If you can see or speak to your mother figures on this day, all of you will be ecstatic from the occasion. The act of doing something for someone else can be blissful for you as well, so making them smile by picking up the phone or by sending them a heartfelt present will be gratifying to you from afar.

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This is a time of reflection for many. Those who cannot spend this date with their mother figures can instead focus on the lovely memories shared. Can you think of a time when you baked together, or when they read to you before bed? Each child has a treasure trove full of beautiful memories to reminisce about, and through this you can manifest love, admiration and joy despite distance or loss.

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What other emotions do you feel on Mother’s Day? If you’re still searching for the perfect gift to help you express all these, have a look at our Mother’s Day collection, which includes new pieces such as Majestic Tranquillity and more!