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Introducing… Nature’s Symphony

Pretty In Pastel

Introducing Nature’s Symphony

At Endura Roses, our most important objective is to take a beautiful moment and freeze it in time. We celebrate the sentimentality of love and togetherness. Now, we’re introducing our latest luxurious range of preserved flowers, which further encapsulates relationships and emotions through the omnipresent awe of Mother Nature.


Like nature, love and other feelings are limitless. We can’t control them but must merely observe as they change our perceptions and surroundings. Nature is meant to be admired, so invite this wonder into your home with one of our ten new enticing arrangements!

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever” – John Keats

Beauty itself can induce these heartfelt emotions, and Mother Nature is the most beautiful source, inspiring, dazzling, intimidating and astonishing us with Her many marvels and miracles. From green, charming hills, snow-capped mountains and lush, leafy forests to gushing streams, vibrant meadows and vast blue oceans and seas, She offers countless beauties to behold and witness.

Nature’s Symphony mirrors the unique aspect of Mother Nature’s visual and emotional projections, as well as gives an abstract concept of Her characteristics. Each variant is a radiant combination of preserved roses and dry arrangements, presented with bold colours that fluctuate between the seasons.

These seasons and moods reach the root of love, whether it is towards a partner, family or friends. The variety of prominent colour pallets help celebrate love with an organic display of affection that lights up any setting, whether it be your bedroom, a friend’s sitting room, or a more corporate setting such as a business’ reception or a family restaurant. No matter your emotion, relationship, lifestyle or environment, there is a piece of nature suited to you!

Peruse over the ten radiant pieces available and see which season or feeling resonates with you…


Nature’s Symphony Bohemian Chic

Full of life and culture, Bohemian Chic promotes and Californian, beach-like aesthetic and encourages the ability and the will to be carefree, relaxed and unusual. Featuring dark, earthy tones, this theme projects an element of immense warmth, informality and casualness; a highlight of intensely close relationships such as that between a parent and their child. With Bohemian Chic, you can express yourself fully and freely.

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Nature’s Symphony Enchanted Forest

This theme evokes our deepest fantasies and encourages us to delve further into our imagination. With Enchanted Forest, we are given a doorway into a magical world that is replete with nature’s astounding beauty. By taking a walk through this dreamland, one is inspired to reflect on one’s own experiences and view of life as well as appreciate the gorgeousness of all creations.

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Nature’s Symphony Rainbow Pride

A mesmerising kaleidoscope of absolutely vibrant colours, each unique in its own way, Rainbow Pride celebrates individuality and acceptance. For those who feel like they’re on the fringe and distinct in their own way, Rainbow Pride has a colour that can truly represent their emotions and identity, thereby encouraging all to freely express themselves in a purely unadulterated way.

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Nature’s Symphony Luscious Jungle

For those with a sense of adventure and a desire to explore the unknown, Luscious Jungle presents a world of intense beauty, never-before-seen creations and awe-inspiring sights. Take a break from the mad race we call life, leave behind the concrete jungle and its modern amenities and take a walk down the road less taken. You just might end up finding yourself.

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Nature’s Symphony Pretty In Pastel

Soft and warm like the beginning of a friendship, Pretty in Pastel celebrates the strong connection one feels when around a true friend. Through this theme, we pay homage to all the times our hearts swelled with each laugh and tear as well as to the countless times we thanked our stars for the person that made life all the more worthwhile.

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Nature’s Symphony Gloriously Golden

The allure of luxury is unmatched with any other aesthetic which is why Gloriously Golden appeals to the very elite of our senses; the desire to bask in sheer extravagance and indulge ourselves within the world of glittery gorgeousness. When it comes to relishing the existence of opulence and lush comfort, no stone should be left unturned.

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Nature’s Symphony Cool Silvers

New beginnings open doors to exciting new opportunities in life. This is what this collection represents; the willingness to take the next step and pave the way for a thrilling new turn in one’s way of living. Be it a wedding or the arrival of a baby, such occasions symbolise a new chapter and the chance to become a whole new person ready to take on any and every challenge!

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Nature’s Symphony Dark Beauty

When it comes to intense and overpowering love, passion knows no bounds. With Dark Beauty, we focus on the mysterious nature of desire, mainly the overriding lust one has for the other as well as the utter and total devotion for their existence and role in their lives.

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Nature’s Symphony Midnight Opulence

The sheer awe and overwhelming feeling of calm along with inner peace one feels when looking at objects or people that are otherwise taken for granted is what capitalises Midnight Opulence. A starry night, the laughter of friends, the beauty of nature, all are observations of a time spent in reflection only to conclude that these are indeed one of a kind!

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Nature’s Symphony Zen Paradise

Taking design elements from the well-known and internationally recognised Ikebana style and bringing in the essence and style of Endura with muted reds, oranges and yellows and a plethora of greens. Minimalistic yet intricate, modern yet classical, this style brings just that perfect touch of nature to any corner of your home, with a range of complimentary vessels.

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Like relationships and ourselves as strong individuals, Nature’s Symphony progresses through the seasons yet withstands the weather. Each arrangement is made of freshly preserved and dried flowers, specifically developed to last as long as you care for them. They’re all the result of innovation and ingenuity of our masterful Creative Imagineers who, through a combination of their unique aesthetic sense and years of floral experience, can create bespoke arrangements of every occasion.