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10 Arrangements to Spruce Up Your Spring

Pretty In Pink

Although the most typical flowers to see blossom in spring are the likes of daffodils, tulips and bluebells, we have a few alternative flower arrangements that stay fresh all year round, and their colours are reminiscent of this charming season…

We’re now entering the season of rejuvenation. The cycle of nature is beginning once more as animals and plants alike are bursting with life and colour. Every day when we look outside now, we can be relieved of the winter months as we start to see flowers bloom, trees replenish their leaves and grass find their brighter tones again.


Pretty In Pink

This stunning arrangement is extremely luscious and artisanally crafted to perfection. Gaze at this small flower garden presented in a black hat box, featuring traditional and garden eternal roses in pale pink. Pink roses are synonymous with friendship and joy, perfect for the turn of the weather when we can take walks together and admire what new floras have arrived. The other naturally enhanced, preserved foliage seen in Pretty in Pink are white hydrangeas and pink gypsophila, along with moss, eucalyptus leaves and gallica to add a touch of green.



Perennial is a unique member of the Mesmeric collection, situated in hand-blown glass that is placed in a crescent metal stand. Replicating the stature of a globe, this design portrays that no matter the time of year, nature can still thrive. Available in 23 colours across our Classic, Limited and Diamond dried rose ranges, achieve a spring aesthetic through the likes of sunny Saffron Yellow (conveying joy) regal Diamond Purpura Purple (relating to the Queen’s birthday later this month) and charming Peach (implying the beauty and wonder of the season). Each variation comes with sprigs of hydrangeas and gypsophila of varying colours depending on the rose’s tone to show the range of the foliage that spring produces.



This is one of the smaller pieces in the Beaty and The Beast-inspired Belle collection, featuring a traditional eternal rose laying on a bed of soft preserved moss. Like Perennial, the dried roses come in many colours from the Classic and Limited ranges, including bright Harlequin Green which links to the cheerfulness spring brings, as well as Rainbow which encapsulates every colour nature produces. This dry flower arrangement conveys the fairy tale season all year round as it is encased and will never wither when winter comes.


Belle Beauty

Also from the Belle collection, Belle Beauty is another Beauty and The Beast-inspired designs, featuring a singular dry rose stemming from a bed of soft moss. Two fallen petals laying on the moss link to the iconic fairy tale’s plot of romance, rejuvenation and the notion that life will always prevail, just like at spring. There are 29 variations of this rose’s tone, including Azure Blue to portray prosperity and new life, as well as Pure White in relation to fresh new life, and Hot Passion shows admiration for the new life around us.


Bohemian Chic (Nature’s Symphony)

Bohemian Chic is a treasured member of our new collection Nature’s Symphony, which focuses on emotions and relationships. This theme represents being truly at peace with yourself and practising mindfulness. It indulges itself in a relaxed and care-free lifestyle, represented by the earthy green tones, contrasted by pure whites and lovely creams. The beautiful foliage seen in this dried flower arrangement include pampas, wheat and magnolia leaves depending on the size and style. All 10 of Nature’s Symphony’s themes are available in Bunches, Bouquets, and encased Signature displays of varying sizes, depending on your unique needs.


Enchanted Forest (Nature’s Symphony)

Vibrant and absolutely captivating, Enchanted Forest represents magic and wonder. With this theme, experience the magic of spring all year round as it dark yet bold colour palette invokes your imagination and acts as a doorway into the freshest and most beautiful time of year. Violet and Fuchsia Pink eternal roses are shrouded in other bright preserved foliage, including fern, hydrangeas, pampas and lavender, again depending on the size and style.


Pretty In Pastel (Nature’s Symphony)

This lovely theme of Nature’s Symphony represents friendships and the pure joy associated with it. The neutral pink tones are glorious in conveying the feeling of a warm heart and soul after spending time with good friends, especially while surrounded by budding flowers. The dried floras and foliage seen throughout the variations of Pretty In Pastel depend on the size and style, but include the likes of pampas, lavender and fern, all of which have been naturally preserved.


Zen Paradise (Nature’s Symphony)

Zen Paradise manifests peace and tranquillity thanks to being surrounded by nature, and is inspired by the Japanese floristry practise of Ikebana, whereby the flowers’ inner qualities and emotions are highlighted. The colour scheme of this theme is dominated by deep greens and whites, while other tones such as creams and browns peep out as accented highlights. The likes of hydrangeas, lagurus, fern and eucalyptus leaves promote a zen frame of mind and allow you to be one with nature.


Cool Silvers (Nature’s Symphony)

This theme is truly unique as it creates juxtaposition between the naturally beauty of flowers with the cool design of metals. Cool Silvers acts as a vessel that invites contemporary living into your home as it embraces a more daring and contemporary aesthetic. The flowers and foliage shown are dependent on size and style, and beside the cyan blue, sapphire blue or pure white eternal roses are a potential mixture of Japanese ivy, lagurus and even real peacock feathers.


Rainbow Pride (Nature’s Symphony)

Bursting with colour and attitude, Rainbow Pride showcases every colour spring creates and is for those who are unafraid to be themselves. This theme is bursting with originality and ideal for those searching for a representation of their individuality. The colours seen cover every hue of the rainbow and are bedazzling as they come in the form of hydrangeas, banksias, eucalyptus leaves and real peacock feathers.


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