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Styling Nature’s Symphony: Cottagecore


Do you need help finding the perfect piece of preserved nature to suit your interior design? Welcome to our latest blog series, Styling Nature’s Symphony, which will be your guide to all things aesthetic.

Cottagecore in one of the latest nostalgia-driven interior design trends to sweep the internet, emerging just four years ago. The neutral and pastel tones romanticise agricultural farmhouses and cottages of the 19th century, with a focus on comforting and relaxing activities such as baking and embroidery crafting.

The sole purpose of cottagecore is to rejoice in nature like in centuries past, and technology plays no part in its design. Plants and greenery are invited indoors to create an authentic, rustic woodland theme that appears warm, cosy and twee. House plants, mushrooms and dried flowers in particular are key in cottagecore homeware as they help achieve an original aesthetic distinctive from other vintage styles.

Across Nature’s Symphony’s ten variants, you may find a range of emotions, but here we present the leading three that evoke peace and relaxation into the home.

nature's symphony cottagecore Cottagecore

Nature’s Symphony: Bohemian Chic

Bohemian Chic is a sophisticated preserved flower arrangement, intended for the free-spirited. Its lovely fresh tones convey freedom and empowerment in a peaceful fashion, and is encompassed in the pure white and champagne coloured eternal roses and dried foliage. The foliage depends on the size and style, as each Nature’s Symphony piece is available as a bunch, bouquet or signature design in multiple sizes. In Bohemian Chic, you may find the likes of sprightly hydrangeas, fluffy lagurus, cute pampas, organic wheat and lovely magnolia leaves.

The neutral and earthy palette seen within all three variations would perfectly suit a kitchen that has lots of wooden upholstery, cream homeware, and minimal greens or blues to accent. Unlike other rooms, most kitchen layouts do not allow us many opportunities to personalise the rooms with decorations and ornaments due to the lack of shelving or space. However, there is always a spot for flowers. They brighten the room and do not look out of place like any other homely decorations would in that setting. Preserved flowers, or ones encased in a dome to give them an eternal lifespan, in particular are beneficial as the process that allows them to last far longer than fresh flowers prevents pollen debris and the need to change dirty water.

Bohemian Chic nature's symphony

Nature’s Symphony: Pretty In Pastel

This theme celebrates the power and grace of pink. Each variant is soft, sweet and fluffy, adding a more colour to the traditional subtle scheme of cottagecore but still suits the aesthetic. Pretty In Pink intends to induce pure joy and peace within the home, through its charming display of pink dried roses and preserved foliage that ranges from green hydrangeas, bunny tail lagurus, silky pampas, statement ferns and gorgeous lavender. Like all Nature’s Symphony creations, this theme is available as a bunch, bouquet or signature display.

Live your pink cottagecore fantasy and invite it into rooms that require relaxation or a radiant centrepiece.

The combination of pastel and vibrant tones seen within each variation would complement any bedroom featuring white bedding and furniture, with beige, pink and/or green furnishings adding a subtle splash of colour. The low maintenance required for preserved flower arrangements means that this room can remain a place of rest without introducing a fragile display in the form of fresh flowers, which require upkeep for the duration of their mere weeks of life.

Similarly, any of the three styles would suit a dining room area made up of white coated or light wood (maple, oak or ash) furniture with pink and/or green accents. A centrepiece is a necessary display to adorn a table as it adds another layer of sophistication onto the centre point of the room. Uplift what could be a very bland table, that may be surrounded by other eye-catching cottagecore decorations such as other plants, vintage china, ceramic ornaments and bunting.

Pretty in Pastel nature's symphony

Nature’s SYmphony: Zen Paradise

Zen Paradise is a unique member of the Nature’s Symphony collection, as it is inspired by the Japanese style of flower arranging, Ikebana, which focuses of evoking the floras’ inner qualities and emotions. Because of this, you may feel the peace and purity of the bright white dried roses, as well as adoration from the likes of deep green hydrangeas, fluffy lagurus, long ferns, luscious eucalyptus leaves and grand banksias exuding into your abode. The foliage is of course dependant on your choice of a bunch, bouquet or signature piece.

Situate your white and green themed arrangement in a neutral toned living room or sunroom that features upholstery of a woodland aesthetic. Both deep and bright greens, yellows and brown furniture and/or wallpapers would contrast beautifully with prevailing white tones found in Zen Paradise. Living rooms and sunrooms are designed for lounging in nirvana all year round, and this floral display is ideal for helping you reach that level of inner peace with ease.

Zen Paradise

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