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The Glory of Rainbow Day

Mon Cherie

It’s the most vibrant day of the year! On Rainbow Day, we appreciate every colour on the wheel and the positive messages they bring to our lives. Rainbows can portray a great number of things, including hope, pride, safety and, more recently, appreciation for the UK’s NHS and key workers during the pandemic. All of these are something we should practise in our lives, and on Rainbow Day, search for and manifest your own rainbow of positivity. However, seeing a physical rainbow is rare as we must wait for rain and sunshine to present themselves simultaneously. Instead, avert your gaze to rainbow inspired, naturally enhanced rose arrangements that are guaranteed to light up your day!

In many products across our collections, you can find our Limited roses, which are coloured with natural dyes to truly enhance Mother Nature’s palette. Within this range, we have Rainbow, Rainbow Unicorn and Rainbow Crescent variants, which are completely unique to Endura! Rainbow is full of traditional bright colours, whereas Unicorn has lighter pastel tones, and Crescent is made up of red, black, purple and pink hues. Take a look at our favourite products which feature these vivacious buds…


Rainbow Pride (Nature’s Symphony)

Rainbow Pride is our grandest display of vibrant colours. Taken from our emotion-filled Nature’s Symphony range, the eight variations of this preserved flower arrangement all celebrate individuality and acceptance. Created using Rainbow eternal roses, each one features a colour that represents every emotion and identity, and are available as Bunches, Bouquets and encased Signature displays. Rainbow Pride also comes in 2-3 sizes depending on the arrangement: Petite, Modest and Immense. Find the style that suits your abode while expressing your own individuality!

Rainbow Pride


Purity (Lucid)

This small and delicate display is from the Lucid collection, under Affection. This forever rose signifies the endearment in the most unique manner, intended for your one true love. Inside a rectangular case, choose from 21 coloured petite Countess roses, including Rainbow, Rainbow Unicorn and Rainbow Crescent, all placed on a bed of soft preserved moss. These colours allow for a vibrant take on Mother Nature’s own and blends them all together for the most tantalising arrangement.



Divinity (Lucid)

Divinity is also taken from the Affection category and is a grander version of Purity, conveying the highest form of love and appreciation. A large Bonita garden rose sits inside a case upon soft moss and can be admired from all angles. It is available in Rainbow, Unicorn and Crescent, as well as 15 other unique shades to allow your affection to be one of a kind.



Opulence (Lucid)

An assortment of 15 delicate dried roses are found encased for protection and displayed for optimum bedazzlement. This Lucid arrangement is part of the Sensation family and is designed to be a treasured keepsake in any relationship. The preserved bunch come in Rainbow and Unicorn tones, as well as 12 other colours. This is a box of beauty that can grace your home for up to 10 years.



Belle Eternal (Belle)

A large dried rose sits neatly on a bed of preserved moss to ensure it is the centre of attention in this grand eternal floral piece. Taken from the Belle collection, this is one of the many designs inspired by Beauty and The Beast and represents love that will bloom for a lifetime. Its variation of colours, including Rainbow, Unicorn and Crescent add a distinctive touch to a classic fairy tale piece.

Belle Eternal


Mon Cherie (Belle)

Another Beauty and The Beast-inspired arrangement, Mon Cherie is truly unique. Tradition is no more with this piece as it features two heart shaped roses from the Diamond range, meaning every colour (including Rainbow) comes encrusted in genuine diamond dust. The two roses are caught in a romantic waltz and are destined to dance together for an eternity. This persevered flower arrangement is the definition of luxurious and exclusive!

Mon Cherie


Belle Exclusive (Belle)

Placed in a spire jar to keep it safe for a lifetime, this Beauty and The Beast design is more traditional but on a larger scale. Its protective encasement is beautifully designed, while the remarkable poise of the rose within adds character. Offering a colourful variant, one can be a true individual with this piece.

Belle Exclusive


Lucent (Residence)

Lucent is part of the Residence category, described as “Mystic”. Inspired by the structure of a palace, a large Rainbow garden rose can be seen encased in a prism, bursting with love and unique grace. The colour and shape of its vessel make for a striking statement piece in any setting.



Endura’s Palace (Residence)

Designed to mesmerise anyone who gazes upon it, Endura’s Palace belongs in a museum. It comes under the Organic range of Residence due to its rustic wooden structure, conveying the lengths we go to protect our love. Within the outer frame sits a clear encasement which allows for the multi-coloured eternal rose and the soft preserved moss in which it stems from to last an eternity. Contemporary and original, the rainbow variant creates a really compelling contrast that is incredibly eye-catching.

Endura's Palace


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