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Getting In Tune with Your Home

Enchanted Forest

Home is where we live our truth. It’s where we can take off the mask intended for the outside world and bask in a place representing our authentic selves. It’s carefully designed to depict our personalities, which also allows us to be our happiest.

How Your Home Décor Can Affect Your Mood

Having personal décor and trinkets around your space can significantly affect your mood for the better. Joy comes from surrounding yourself in things that you associate in positivity, which in turn induces relaxation. You find peace and comfort in your environment’s feng shui, making you more able to switch off from the outside world. Freedom is also an empowering feeling associated with designing your own bespoke and signature space, while pride is evoked from flaunting this, and conveying structure and organisation in your life. What items do you have around your home that make you feel your true self and at your most content? Vintage ornaments? Bold rugs? Minimalist shelf displays? Geometric wall prints? What about lavish bouquets?

The Benefits of Flowers

There are actually incredible benefits of integrating flowers with your home décor! You may think they’re simply for decoration, however there’s science behind how looking at something beautiful can drastically lift your mood.

We appreciate a bouquet of flowers as though they’re a work of art. Their beauty translates as visually satisfying in our minds, and therefore, we find gratification and fulfilment by surrounding ourselves with them. It’s also in our nature to be attracted to flowers. During the Stone Age, flowers were a key indicator of where to find food. Now, though, we no longer need to rely on vibrant colours to survive and we can just appreciate them instead, although it’s deep-rooted within us to be attracted to the wilderness and its pallet. Introducing nature and the wilderness into our homes is a primal need and helps us mentally get to the root of our needs and emotions. Features

For a Lifetime

According to The Florist, on average, people in the UK buy fresh flowers for themselves 17 times a year, spending hundreds of pounds on regular short-lived investments. Why would you settle for something that will soon perish?

Endura Roses strives to capture memories and freeze them in time, using preserved flowers that can last a lifetime. In particular, our latest range, Nature’s Symphony, focuses on feelings and relationships, giving them more emotional significance that fresh flowers. From new beginnings, self-acceptance and true romance, out of the ten variations of Nature’s Symphony, there is a theme suited to you.

For example, Dark Beauty explores pure, unadulterated love, whereas Pretty In Pastel conveys pure joy in relation to friendships.


Gloriously Golden manifests opulence and extravagance into your life, while Bohemian Chic represents freedom and relaxation.


Luscious Jungle showcases the beauty of nature’s true colours and wild themes, yet Cool Silvers contrasts delicate nature and cool metals for a more contemporary feel.


Midnight Opulence captures the wonders of the midnight sky, meanwhile Enchanted Forest projects magic and frees our imaginations.


Rainbow Pride allows one to express themselves and be vibrant, and Zen Paradise is inspired by Ikebana, the Japanese style of floristry which focuses on evoking the flowers’ emotions.


Elevate your own or a loved one’s space with a piece of Nature’s Symphony, projecting positivity and pure emotion into their surroundings. Don’t settle for short-term love when you can be blessed for a lifetime.