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St Patrick’s Palette: The Colours Ireland

Luscious Jungle

St Patricks Day takes place on 17th March, the anniversary of his death in the 5th century. He was a key figure in Irish history for his efforts to bring Christianity to the now largely religious country. Although, it is not necessarily a religious event today and is instead used as an opportunity to celebrate Irish culture. Once a year, jubilant affairs take place across the world and evoke unity amongst all those who share this heritage.

A key part of St Patrick’s Day is the colour green, which has deep roots in their political history. However, it is also the colour of their unofficial flower, the shamrock, which is more commonly known as a clover. Shamrocks are some of the first plants to grow in the spring, which is timely for the event. They’re also incredibly resilient, thriving through all conditions and maintaining their rich pigment.

If you’re looking for an alternative flower that still represents all that a shamrock does with added elegance and a much longer life, look no further than our coloured preserved roses, which come in a wide range of tones.



Green roses pay tribute to Ireland and St Patrick’s Day through their representation of positivity and, of course, good fortune!

Shadow Green is lighter tone of rose and can be requested in our larger displays such as Belle Eternal and Belle Exclusive. This shade in particular represents renewal of spirit, linking to St Patrick introducing to the people of Ireland to a new religion and saviour.

Harlequin Green is a much brighter and more vibrant shade, full of cheerfulness and strong energy, relating to the joyous celebrations taking place on this day! Harlequin is a popular colour which can be found in a range of collections, such as Serendipity, Glint, and Lucious Jungle, which is part of our latest powerful range, Nature’s Symphony.



Emerald Green is a much deeper tone, portraying well wishes and manifesting it for eternity, perfectly in line with Irish culture and the significance of religion. You can find these luxurious tones in the likes of Beautè, Autumnal Elegance and also Lucious Jungle.



There are, of course, two other significant colours in relation to Ireland and St Patrick’s Day: orange and white…



Our Flame orange preserved roses, however, hold a different meaning. They manifest passion and affection, and are a traditional symbol of pride, connecting to this celebration of a culture. Find this stunning colour in Rose Moon, Timeless Bouquet and another Nature’s Symphony marvel, Rainbow Pride.




Pure white is one of our most popular tones as it adds essential purity and fundamental tones to contrast with others, as well as the colour having strong connections to religion. It appears in most multi-tonal arrangements, such as Pure Opulence, Belle Majestic and Zen Paradise, which is also part of the Nature’s Symphony collection.



All of these colours and shades are can be added to almost any Endura Roses floral arrangement, allowing you to create your own bespoke piece. Peruse over our Couture Services and see what amazing creations we can design for your perfect display or gift.