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Happy Earth Day!

Zen Paradise

One of Endura Roses’ greatest values is our sustainability. This does not just apply to our flowers’ lifespans, but also how they affect the environment.

It’s a common misconception that artificial flowers last forever, and we provide a better, less wasteful resort when looking for long-term buds. In fact, they start to fray or fade from months to a couple of years after purchase, meaning if you want your home décor to continue looking fresh, they will need to be discarded before you know it. Because they’re most commonly made of materials such as plastic, latex and silk, they will not break down like natural flowers. By choosing a preserved flower arrangement, you can be sure that when your piece has come to the end of its time, it will break down easily and prevent more harmful waste.

Our packaging is also more environmentally friendly than non-preserved flowers purchased from the supermarket. An average supermarket will provide a plastic bag that will be discarded straight away or a paper bag that becomes too wet to recycle. We deliver our dry rose displays in cardboard boxes that are padded with recycled tissue paper and bubble wrap. We ensure that our delivery experience is the best our customers could ask for. We offer optional engraving, gift cards and boxes that add an extra special personal touch. These can be enhanced with floral toppers and rose fragrances to keep them fresh.

If you would like to celebrate Earth Day in your own colourful way, take a look at our green and blue rose displays, as well as those with more natural palettes!

Luscious Jungle Flowers

Zen Paradise Flowers

Blue Moon 

Autumnal Elegance 


We hope you have a great time celebrating Earth Day and choose our environmentally friends forever flowers to help save our planet.