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Styling Nature’s Symphony: Industrial

Industrial Interior Design

Do you need help finding the perfect piece of preserved nature to suit your interior design? Welcome to our latest blog series, Styling Nature’s Symphony, which will be your guide to all things aesthetic.

Industrial chic is inspired by apartments in the likes of London and New York which are in converted factories and other trade buildings. According to interior designer Ula Burgiel, functional, open-plan space is key here. Anyone with this style of home should look to the buildings’ origins and exposing as much brick, pipework and concrete possible, as well as any original metal doors, window frames and large light bulbs where possible. Sleek metal and wood are the pinnacle of this aesthetic as the two come together to contrast and elevate each other’s opposing textures. Black and white tones should only be touched by natural colours of the wood, as well as simplistic splashes of colour, preferably blues and greens.

Any ornaments and decorations should be kept to a minimum, using only creative and unusual modern art. Flowers, plants and foliage are an exception to this rule, however, as they create a lovely contrast that is celebrated here. Inviting something as beautiful as roses into somewhere that was once a place of strenuous work is a powerful decision that is greatly rewarded in this setting. Here are two Nature’s Symphony themes we think would perfectly suit an industrial home…

Cool Silvers

Cool Silvers arrangements are modern art within themselves. Much like the metal and wood used in industrial interiors, Cool Silvers also sees the elements and nature collide. Intended for a contemporary home, the three styles (ranging from bunches, bouquets and signature displays) feature Pure White, Sapphire Blue or Cyan eternal roses, hydrangeas, lagarus, Japanese ivy and real peacock feathers depending on the size.

As industrial homes are open-plan, Cool Silvers can suit any area. Inviting a calm and relaxed mood, it is best suited for the living room area and kitchen, which are often connected. The blue tones will stand out wonderfully against the metal, while complimenting any grey concrete surrounding it. Similarly, the silver foliage, which has been coloured with organic dye, will blend beautifully with the metal fixtures and enhance the theme.

Bohemian Chic

As discussed in the cottagecore edition of Styling Nature’s Symphony, Bohemian Chic is a preserved flower arrangement designed for the free-spirited. Anyone taking on the task of designing an industrial aesthetic must have the boho attitude to go against the grain, as this is a form of artistry. Freedom and empowerment are key, and what is more so than minimalism and modernity that don’t tie us down? White, green and cream shades dominate this theme, completely contrasting the metal fixtures, but complimenting the wooden ones. It will stand out in this style of home but certainly won’t look out of place.

As the kitchen area is likely to have to the most wooden furnishings, such as dining tables, worktops and even openly displayed utensils, this is where Bohemian Chic would look the most at home. One of the three variants in any of their sizes (ranging from petite to modest and immense) could take pride of place as a centrepiece on the dining table, adding softer textures thanks to the pampas and lagurus included.

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