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Introducing The Sentiments Collection


We’re so excited to announce the launch of our latest emotional range: Sentiments! Featuring 20 poignant arrangements that stand as emotional fusions of art and nature, we have entered new territory by incorporating prestigious sculptures.

Sentiments brings two delicate art forms together to portray the most refined and beautiful embodiments of a memory or relationship. The designs span across all relations and milestones experienced in life, such as pregnancies, anniversaries and family bonding so you can mirror your own path travelled. The minimalistic impressionist style of the small figurines also allows you to envision yourself in their stances and truly resonate with your desired piece.

Recreating these cherished memories is Sentiments’ true message, using vast explosions of contrasting colour palettes and textures to signify the auras of these moments. Each one has its own unique aesthetic that is made up of our bespoke eternal roses as well as sprightly preserved foliage. Aesthetics range across the spectrum, including bolder designs such as Little One, featuring a father and child sculpture surrounded by forest tones made up of dried roses, Japanese ivy and moss. More subtle hues appear in the likes of New Life, where pastel blue pampas and hydrangeas contrast with white roses and gold agave surrounding a sculpture of a mother and father cradling their child. There is a preserved flower arrangement for every being, memory and interior style imaginable.

At Endura, we pride ourselves on our unique designs and arrangements, which last years. As every piece in the Sentiments range is encased in a removable dome, the naturally enhanced dried roses and foliage found within the displays will stay fresh for up to ten years. Therefore, your precious memories can live longer than through any fresh floral alternative.

With this remarkable collaboration of art and nature, contemporary meets traditional like never before. Capture your cherished times in the most elegant and original fashion with Sentiments.

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Angel of Friendship



Around You

Brother and Sister

By My Side


Close To Me

For Always

Heart and Soul


Little One

Love My Dog

Loving My Mother

My Girls

My Sister, My Friend

New Life

Our Gift

The Quilt

With My Grandmother

Word of Mouth