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How Long Do Preserved Roses Last?

Heaven Scent

Do preserved roses last forever? What is their expected duration?

A preserved roses lifetime depends on its encasement. We offer three variations: completely exposed, semi-exposed and fully sealed.

Welcome back to Behind The Bouquet, our latest blog series that tells you all you need to know about our eternal roses!

Completely exposed flowers are vulnerable to the elements and can be affected by the air, therefore, they are only at their optimal levels of beauty for up to 3 years. Great examples of these are Nature’s Symphony bunches and bouquets,  Silver Statement and those in the Coronet collection.

Semi-exposed flowers have some protection from an encasement; however, they are removable or have gaps for air to eventually affect them. You can find this in the likes of Belle Opulent, Lavish and Opulence. These can last up to 10-15 years thanks to this extra coverage.

Fully sealed flowers come in airtight domes and jars that cannot be removed unless forced, meaning the roses and foliage are protected at all times. Because of this, preserved flower arrangements like Nature’s Symphony signature displays, Belle Adore and Belle Exclusive can last a lifetime.

However, aftercare is important, and if not properly adhered to, your arrangement may not be able to reach its full potential. We strongly advise they are kept indoors, are not touched or watered, and are kept out of direct heat, humidity and sunlight. Read our aftercare guide for more details.



How are preserved roses able to last so long?

As covered in our last Behind The Bouquet blog, we use a top secret formula (which is organic and chemical-free) to protect the petals and buds. The flowers are picked when they are in their prime to capture them in this exact state for the duration of their lifetime.


Will the smell of preserved roses fade?

As the scent is completely natural, it is likely that it will fade at some point. However, we have created two bespoke fragrances for this occasion: Heaven Scent and Paradise Scent. Both of these can be used to rejuvenate the scent and keep your piece of nature smelling as luscious as the day it entered your abode.

Heaven Scent


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