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How To Make Preserved Roses Last Longer


Want to better understand how to care for your preserved roses? Welcome to this instalment of Behind The Bouquet, telling you everything you need to know about our naturally enhanced roses.

How to store preserved roses?

Just like fresh flowers, our roses and other foliage and floras should be kept inside, out of direct sunlight, extreme temperatures and humidity. These factors can greatly affect their lifespans and colour. Therefore, our preserved flower arrangements are designed to be grand displays in the centre of the room.

How best to care for preserved roses?

The wonderful thing about preserved roses is that there is barely any care required! You do not need to water but may need to gently dust on occasion if they are exposed. However, we strongly advise you do not touch the flowers excessively.

When you purchase an arrangement from us, you will be given detailed instructions on how to care for them, but you can also find this information on our Care Guide.

How do you clean preserved roses?

You may dust very lightly with a feather brush every so often. Avoid doing this more often than required as disturbing the petals more than necessary may cause the bud to lose its shape, or the petals may detach from the bud completely and fall off

Should you water preserved roses?

We very strongly advise that no water (even mist) should ever touch our roses. Even if they appear dehydrated before their time, they have been moistened with our secret preservation formula, and water will wash this away along with the colour, ruining their appearance and long-lasting life.

Should the petals fall off?

As these are natural flowers, the petals are fragile. Therefore, it is possible for them to fall off if handled excessively or abrasively. It is very rare that this happens if cared for as recommended.

What happens to preserved roses at the end of their lifespan?

Preserved roses do not die like fresh flowers. At the end of their suggested lifespans, you will instead find that the petals begin to lose their vibrancy, and their edges appear dry or show miniscule cracks. This is because they are natural creations but are elevated to still look beautiful when this happens.



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