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The Success of Master Franchising Your Own Brand

If you are business owner with a successful store base, product or service in the UK and want to expand your brand overseas, familiarise yourself with franchising to significantly evolve your business.

Franchising can often make the process more expedient and quicken the pace of development, whilst making the capital outlay much less painful. Other key advantages are:

  • It is less Capital intensive
  • You are introduced to industry members who know the culture of the country you are expanding into. Their local expertise means they have their own contacts and understand the county’s legislation laws so you are protected in the long run
  • Sub franchisees can become an almost passive income source, with the UK franchisor holding fast to the master franchisee relationship
  • After training a master franchisor and their senior team (1-2 people), the sole pressure is taken from the UK franchisor as their responsibilities are distributed between the franchises in each location

Trafford Centre

In relation to Endura Roses and Fora Nature, Brand Mark Franchising is in the throes of taking them both to the global market via a master franchise model. We have established a partnership with a trusted and respected franchise consultant in the USA, alongside a property team of expert repute, a franchise lawyer and access to significant funds if required.

This means that after a 3-4-month set-up period, we are in a place where we can start to discuss terms with interested parties. The master franchisor will open a flagship store in a prominent city, in this instance, NYC. Following this, they will then set up more of their own, or sub-lease to third parties to quicken the pace of development. A development schedule is agreed, and the franchisor and master franchisee agree terms. This is where the journey begins…

However, you may be wondering, Endura Roses and Fora Nature seem to be two brands within the same franchise, so how does this work?

Well, Endura Roses is a Business to Consumer (B2C) brand selling the most beautiful and natural flowers in numerous amazing forms, suitable for the luxury gift sector. These are made at our studio, which is also an admin office and store. Fora Nature is a Business to Business (B2B) brand, selling flowers, ferns and other natural products like moss, stones, feathers and crystals. Fora Nature sits within the floral wholesale and supplier sector.

Fora Nature

Does this mean franchisors can also get a B2C and a B2B revenue stream?

Yes, a master franchisor would have two major revenue streams, but don’t forget there is also the wedding and funeral sectors, corporate offices and hotels. With Fora Nature, you can anticipate large anchor traders like John Lewis, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges to be potential customers…

So, what is the total cost?

The total cost would vary according to the size of the territory or country you are trading in.

Who would be your main competitors?

No matter where in the world you choose to trade, there would not be a business like this. This franchise is a result of years of R&D and innovation here in the UK.

What is your USP?

Simple: we sell products that nobody else can sell or copy, and our product sales prove what huge demand there is.


Does this sound like something your business needs? Take the next logical step in reinvigorating something you believe in and invest in its future today.

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