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Strength In Nature: Mental Health Awareness Week

Starting 10th May, we welcome Mental Health Awareness Week. During this time, we focus on how to maintain mental wellbeing, including how to reduce stress and increase positive thinking. This is a very important cause which is close to all of our hearts and we hope everyone takes extra care of themselves this week.

An annual event, this year’s theme is nature, with the Mental Health Foundation inviting us all to take optimism from the world around us. As human beings, we have an instinctive desire to be around greenery, flowers and animals. Viewing Mother Nature’s creations reminds us of the life cycle and how everything has its own predetermined path and purpose.

Certain flowers have a calming essence and can manifest mental peace within one’s life. For example…


Lotus flowers symbolise purity and enlightenment, as well as promote strong mental health. The lotus finds its roots in muddy water, yet its flower blooms radiantly above the surface, showing no indication of its struggle. Within our Hope Collection, we capture this inspiring message and project it into three endearing arrangements.

Virtue (Hope Collection)

Virtue is a tall display that showcases luscious pale green and pure white dried flowers and foliage alongside a darling pink lotus. Portrayed in full bloom, the lotus within this arrangement represents reaching one’s achievements and not giving up hope on what matters most in life.

Forever Purity (Hope Collection)

Forever Purity is a daintier variation, symbolising determination and self-belief. It is available is purifying white, which manifests calmness and tranquillity, and rose pink, which conveys elegance and grace.

Eternal Hope (Hope Collection)

Despite its petite stature, Eternal Hope carries a strong and powerful message to stay positive. It stands as a small wonder that one may keep with them for years to come to remind them that through struggles come great things.

White Roses

Celebrating new beginnings and eternal purity and peace, a white rose can be with you as you take your life upon a different path: one of tranquillity, growth and self-improvement. Each time one lays eyes upon a white rose, may it be a reminder of how far they have come and how much more is to be experienced.

Bohemian Chic (Nature’s Symphony)

This free-spirited arrangement invites one to see beyond the restraints and barriers which may stifle them, and begin a new lifestyle where positivity prevails. All three sizes and variations portray mindfulness and connect one with nature through its elegant nude tones.

Zen Paradise (Nature’s Symphony)

Zen Paradise fights off negative thoughts and emotions through its serene collection of white roses and eucalyptus. Inspired by the Japanese style of flower arranging, Ikebana, each flower’s harmonious qualities are amplified to manifest peace like no other.


One of the most popular herbal remedies for anxiety, lavender has an unparalleled calming effect. It is widely used to reduce stress in the form of massage oils, bath salts or aromatherapy. Introducing a sprig or two of lavender into one’s home will bring along its sweet smell, which relaxes the mind, body and soul.

Heart and Soul (Sentiments)

Encased for years to come, lavender is a major part of this arrangement. Contrasting against the white and pale purple colour scheme, the darker lavender is noticeable straight away, making it even more powerful. The arrangement itself captures a moment spent between two friends or siblings, reminding one of cherished memories that were worth being present for.

Enchanted Forest (Nature’s Symphony)

This arrangement stands as a reminder that there are always dreams still yet to come true. What one may be experiencing is not all there is to life and they have the power to make any fantasy their reality. The long-lasting, naturally enhanced lavender plants found within Enchanted Forest smell rich and sweet, and have the power to life anyone’s mood.

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