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Preserved Roses vs Fresh Roses


Are you torn between investing in preserved roses or spending money on fresh? Welcome to this instalment of Behind The Bouquet, where we tell you all you need to know about our wonderful world of naturally enhanced buds.

Positives of preserved flowers:

They don’t die or wilt

Depending on their encasement, an Endura Roses’ piece of nature can blossom for up to 3 years, 10 years or for eternity. When they come to the end of their lifetime, they will simply fade to appear less vibrant, possibly show cracks as the moisture evaporates and potentially shrink. A standard fresh rose, on the other hand, will wilt within weeks, making them lose the charming essence of the memory or occasion they are symbolising.

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They are more cost affective

As we covered in our first Behind The Bouquet blog, one may spend up to £500 a year on fresh flowers, whereas they can invest just a fraction of this on a preserved bunch which can last over 150 weeks longer.

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They are pollen-free

Fresh flowers aren’t for everyone unfortunately. Those who suffer from allergies or share their spaces with pets that can’t be close to such plants are missing out on having their lives brightened by the purity of a flower arrangement. However, all Endura Roses pieces are hypoallergenic as our top-secret preservation formula prevents pollen and other sensitive toxins entering the air.

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They are easy to care for

Preserved or naturally enhanced roses do not require water or fertilisers. As we wrote in our last blog, they are very low maintance. Just place them away from direct sunlight or heat. Read our Care Guide for more information.



They are more eco-friendly

Because you are purchasing less often, the carbon footprint from orders is smaller. Our packaging is also more environmentally friendly than non-preserved flowers purchased from the supermarket. An average supermarket will provide a plastic bag that will be discarded straight away or a paper bag that becomes too wet to recycle. We deliver our dry rose displays in cardboard boxes that are padded with recycled tissue paper and bubble wrap so everything can be reused or disposed of responsibly.

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